The MFL Foundation offers financial assistance for
these selected screenings:

PSA Screening
Oral Screenings
Skin Screenings
Qualifying is a TWO pronged process:

1. You must show proof that you are not currently covered under any type of insurance or government medical program.

2. Every application requires a doctor’s prescription for the requested test/screening.

*If you are a Charity Care patient requesting a colonoscopy, the MFL Foundation will cover the uncovered doctor and anesthesiologist fees.
« Click Here To DOWNLOAD a Screening Application

»Spanish Translation

*Arabic Translation COMING SOON
Disclaimer: Submitting this application does not guarantee qualification for screening.

We urge all to apply and for others to encourage people they know to could save a life.

Please mail your completed application to:

MFL Foundation-App.
PO Box 34
Bayonne, NJ 07002

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