The Madeline Fiadini LoRe Foundation for Cancer Prevention (The MFL Foundation) is a non-profit organization focused on prevention through community awareness and early detection. There are two truths: first is that unfortunately you or someone you know has been affected by Cancer and second is that fortunately Cancer is one of the most preventable life-threatening diseases we face today.
For many years the Chairperson of the Madeline Fiadini LoRe Foundation for Cancer Prevention, Madeline LoRe, spearheaded major projects in her community, Bayonne, for the health and well being of its citizens. She has brought desire and innovation to the cause of ensuring that the people of Bayonne will always avail themselves to the highest quality of health care services. As a result of her volunteer efforts, two major centers were opened at the Bayonne Hospital in 2006: The John Fiadini Outpatient Oncology Center and The Madeline Fiadini LoRe Women’s Center.

When the Bayonne Medical Center, (formerly Bayonne Hospital), became a for profit institution, Madeline looked to the community once again to identify their needs. The state of the economy coupled with the high unemployment rate quickly brought a group to the forefront. This group is the working poor, (our constituency), uninsured people over the poverty level. Once again, with the focus on cancer prevention, Madeline rallied her supporters behind the plan to bring much needed cancer screenings to those who could not access those tests. The result was the establishment of the Madeline Fiadini LoRe Foundation for Cancer Prevention in June 2008.
As we have grown and extended our affiliations to include the medical centers in Jersey City and Hoboken, so has our demographic base. We offer services to anyone in the surrounding areas who can access the hospitals that have partnered with us: Jersey City Medical Center, Bayonne Medical Center and Hoboken Medical Center.

“Our Mission is to make cancer prevention programs available to the community we serve. Our Focus is to grant access to the tests and/or screenings necessary to those individuals who may otherwise be denied. Our hope is to enrich the Life of every individual in need, one at a time.”

It is our hope to make Cancer tests and/or screenings available to this underserved constituency. These individuals are uninsured and above the poverty level with no access to the costly tests and/or screenings. It is the Foundation’s goal to make these tests available to those individuals. The cancer tests and screenings we have identified are: Mammography, PSA and Colonoscopy. In addition to paying for these important screenings, the Foundation has recently partnered with a dentist and Paramount Oral Surgery to provide free oral screenings during April, Oral Cancer Awareness Month.


Since joining the Garden State Skin Cancer Coalition, the Madeline Fiadini LoRe Foundation has also added skin cancer screenings to its offerings.

From now on anyone who does not have insurance can call DermOne’s call center 855-449-4512 to schedule an appointment. All they have to do is to say that MFL foundation is sponsoring them.

In addition, MFL Foundation leadership has announced that they have become part of the Garden State Skin Cancer Coalition.

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